A self-confessed standardized test junkie, The GMAT Blogger is an IIM Lucknow alumnus with scores of 770 out of 800 and 331 out of 340 on the GMAT® and the GRE® respectively.

After graduating in 2004, a preference for academics led him to move from the retail division of the Aditya Birla Group and join the Academics Department of IMS Learning Resources in Mumbai.

Over a span of the 6 years he designed and developed learning and testing content for all national and international aptitude tests such as the CAT, GMAT® and the GRE® and by 2010 became the Head of the Academics Department of IMS. It was during this period, that he took up both the GMAT® and the GRE®.

He is currently the Chief Mentor for IMS Pune and is actively involved in teaching and mentoring students.

His favorite teaching areas are GMAT Verbal Ability Strategies, shortcuts or alternative solutions for Quant on both the GMAT as well as the CAT and test-taking strategies for all tests.


Given the amount of information and number of forums on the GMAT, it has become increasingly difficult for aspirants to find a lean & efficient online resource that will help them to navigate their preparation and maximize their GMAT score.

The GMAT Blogger is a step in that direction.

The GMAT is an extremely structured test that poses a limited number of well-defined question types. In a way it is as if it is a machine that is churning out the questions and not people. Given this, the strategies to tackle these question types are also very well defined and limited.

So, the posts on the GMAT Blogger unlike the universe will not keep expanding indefinitely. The posts will stop once everything that needs to be said has been said.


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